Friday, July 15, 2011

Hinckley - Back to Hinckley at a dock - the genset goes airborne!

Up, up and away!
Why are we back at Hinckley? Well, it turned out that the genset once again began to increase in rpms and produce an over voltage condition at start up. Looking ahead to our planned trip down the ICW over the winter, we decided to get all potential problems fixed now rather than later. After the last adjustment, they decided in no more half measures and recommended a complete removal of the genset from the boat which would allow work to be done on a governor replacement.

With that we returned and witnessed the genset go airborne via a lifting crane, quite a sight. So we're here until it gets fixed. They'll start on Monday by putting the genset on a test bed and running tests before and after replacement of the governor components. It makes one less enthusiastic concerning German engineering.

Jim and Paul guiding the genset airborne out of the locker

Hoolie has survived last night and today without incident and he seems perky enough, hopefully the siege is over with him. Meanwhile, we'll bide our time until the repairs on the genset starts Monday. With all that's going on, we won't be going to Cuttyhunk this summer, we need to return to PYC by the first of August to prepare for our week in Ocean City, NJ with the kids.