Saturday, February 5, 2011

Key West – We reprovision and try out the city transit

BO's Fish Wagon during the daytime - not promising in appearance
 Key West has a great transit system. For $15/month you can ride the city buses as many times as you want. They will take you from the waterfront to the shopping areas where there are stores such as Publix, Winn Dixie, K-Mart, Sears, Borders (a book store) and many more. The buses are air conditioned and are not crowded, a great way to get around Key West – which by the way is much bigger than I expected. Once you get away from the harbor area, it’s like you’re in the Midwest in the summertime with all the strip malls and shopping available.

Must be nice - summer in Maine, winter in Key West!
Taking the city bus, we headed out for the Publix supermarket which is as big as any on the mainland. We have a rolling cart we use for transporting cargo and we filled it up with the overflow going to hand carried bags (lucky that we have Matthew on board to handle the overflow). Matthew was running out of reading material so we made a second trip to Borders for more books.

We noticed a familiar boat in the harbor, the Appledore which was in Camden, Maine the last time we saw her. Well, in talking to the captain we found they come south for the winter and offer sails out of Key West! They are not dumb! They have warm sailing weather all year round!


BL said...

Man, I can't believe Bo's is still there!! and it looks exactly the same -- no worse, no better! Glad you enjoyed your shopping trip. The Borders is new since we were there but I shopped at Publix and Scotties although that's probably gone now.