Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Key West – We finally sail!

At a fixed dock - but no fingers!
With the wind out of the southeast, we had 10 to 15 kts of wind on the port aft quarter so we were able to sail almost all the way to Key West. Sailing has been rare on our trip down the ICW this fall and winter. However, today was different and it was great fun with temps in the 70’s and full sun.

We were somewhat apprehensive about coming into an unknown fixed dock but we had good directions and the dock hand was there to meet us. The fixed docks here have no fingers so you have to get off the bow of the boat if you go bow in. If you chose to back in, then you have a 5ft climb to the fixed dock – so you have a problem either way. We chose to go bow in and our anchor platform is the same height as the fixed dock so it works out better that way for us – although you have to be flexible in getting on and off. Furthermore, Hoolie can’t handle the narrow exit plank so I’ve wound up carried him on and off the boat, it takes some getting use to.
Exiting requires some agility
We walked the dog this evening and sure enough, Key West is alive at night. We haven’t explored Key West at all yet, just the dock area and there’s plenty of night life, most of which is lost on us – at least so far. I bought a month pass on the city bus which cost only $15 for each of us so now we can go to the local supermarket and other stores. We haven’t even been to Mallory Square yet, but tomorrow for sure.


BL said...

Whereabouts are you docked? Close to town? I'm so jealous!! I'd love to be walking the streets of Old Town right now and it's not even snowing here!

BL said...

Did Shirley forward you my email about things to see and places to eat? Our fav lunch place was The Paradise Cafe -- terrific sandwiches on Cuban bread! We also liked El Siboney for authentic Cuban food. I tried to stay away from Duval Street for food -- was usually disappointing!

mcnaughton24 said...

Welcome to Key West!!!