Thursday, February 24, 2011

Key West – Schooner Wharf Bar

Note the sandy floor and open air design of Schooners Bar
There is one place that’s a tradition in the Key West Bight, the Schooner Wharf Bar. The floor is sandy with gravel scattered about in places. It just kind of grew outward from the central bar with no particular attention paid to having walls. With the temperatures being so mild year round, they are really not needed. Plus, you’ve got to love a place with Happy Hour starting at 7:30 am in the morning! However, it “only” lasts until noon but Happy Hour starts up again at 5:00 and runs until 7:00 (half price drinks during Happy Hour).

The front is kind of "rustic" - typical Key West
During the day they have several sessions of bands, one during the afternoon and another band starting at 7:00 pm so there’s always live music while you eat and/or have drinks. From the bar you can watch the schooners Appledore and Adirondack III come and go along with all the other charter activity in the harbor. If you stay until later, there’s a magician that also comes around.

On Friday and Saturday nights they have their higher quality band which we always try to at least listen to for awhile. There’s never a cover charge but you ought to at least buy a drink or two. I highly recommend the place.