Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Key West – Getting ready for the Bunches

Looks like it ought to belong in Disneyland
Since Matthew’s family left we’ve been cleaning the boat to get ready for Don and Liz Bunch who’s due on Wednesday. It’s amazing what accumulates after a short time with seven people aboard.

During my morning run I snapped a photo of the type of car I’ve seen nowhere else. There’s the usual scooters, motorcycles and bicycles but Key West adds one more option: the electric car which is entirely open, no doors. It looks a little strange but they’re all over the place. They have two, four and six seaters. When you go by a lot full of them they’re all plugged in.

I still haven’t seen any of the famous Key West cats with 6 toes nor have I seen the “green flash” at sunset yet. Well, I guess there’s still more to do before we leave. We’ll have the Bunches on Wednesday to help us.