Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Key West – Settling in

Nice to see flowers in February!
We settled into a routine where I get up and run at 6:30, come back to pick up Ann and we go out for a 20 minute walk to exercise Hoolie. On the other hand, we’re getting a lot of exercise just walking around. We finally found Mallory Square but not yet for the sunset. It was a good 45 minute walk to and from the place.

Later on I headed out a second time to scout out Blue Heaven, a highly rated local restaurant but did not like what I found. For dinner, the entrees were $25 to $45 apiece and given the very basic character of the place (dirt floor, picnic type tables) I decided it wasn’t worth it, especially since it’s not in the best part of town (you’re advised to not go alone). Another recommended place was Paradise Café but it went out of business last week. We’ll keep looking.

Oh the indignity of it all...
I did take a walk down Duval Street and found it alive with musicians playing on the sidewalk with their hat out for tips. In one case a tourist took a picture that the musicians thought included them in the frame and one of them hurried up to the man with the camera demanding a tip for the photo! The tourist was pointing to a building behind them that he was aiming at and not them. I don’t know how the discussion turned out but the conversation was animated.

I’ve just about lost track of the storms at home. I think we’re on number 7 with 8 and 9 due next week, wow! Nice here.


BL said...

Oh I remember the days in Key west in the winter -- it's the most crowded from January till mid April. That's when lots of people come south where it's warm and harass others as a way to make money. It got bad one winter with groups of young people just living on the streets and really being aggressive with their panhandling. I loved the summer when it was much quieter!