Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Key West – Lunch at BO’s Fish Wagon

BO's Fish Wagon - Interior shot
Today was Dick and Barb’s last day so they offered to take us to BO’s Fish Wagon for lunch. They had a grouper sandwich for $12 which we all ordered. We found a “table” in the corner and went to order the sandwiches (they have no table service, you order and fetch your own food). The place grew up around a food wagon on the same corner. There are no walls as such, just a collection of impediments to casual entry: an old car there, the remains of a fence here, some barrels on one side, etc. You have to watch your step since the floor is a combination of stone and wooden planks, all at different levels, hard to see in the semi-darkness. Having a dog quietly under the table is no problem in this place.

An "exterior wall" of BO's Fish Wagon
However, the reason they are still in business is their food which is very good. They are routinely voted as having the “Best Fish Sandwich” by the locals in a newspaper competition. There was no music playing during lunch but the place was still packed.

We saw Dick and Barb off after lunch headed north to their winter home around Tampa. Such crazy weather the north has been having but we’ve haven’t seen it down here, thank goodness. Matthew’s parents are due to visit from 2/15 – 2/22 and will return home with Matthew so he can continue this schooling in Connecticut. With all the snow days up north, I think he’s ahead of his class since we don’t honor snow days in Connecticut down here! We tried to convince Matthew that he’s lucky not to miss any school but he somehow remains cool to the idea – but he does like the warm weather!


BL said...

Sounds like bo's is much the same...good food and tons of atmosphere! I bet your grandson is sorry to be leaving you soon. What an adventure he's had and you're right, he's missed nothing but snow back home.