Sunday, February 20, 2011

Key West – The Butterfly Museum and back to the beach

Motor Yacht Freedom
Today is the last full day for the visit of Matthew’s parents so in the morning the kids went to the Butterfly Museum which features live butterflies of every type. We had been to one before so we didn’t go. In the afternoon it was off again to the Ft Taylor beach. We never did get to tour the fort, the beach was just too good to leave. I looked at the weather forecast this morning and the high for the next seven days was all the same, 77 degrees, talk about repeatability!

A 100 ft restored, wooden motor yacht, Freedom, was tied up on the other side of the dock from us. It was gorgeous with varnished wood everywhere. It must cost a fortune to keep up but then I guess whoever the owner is doesn’t worry about that.

Moonrise over Key West
Coming back to the boat, we found the moon rising over the harbor which presented a pretty sight, a nice way to retire for the night.