Monday, February 7, 2011

Key West – The advance of technology?

Dick and Barb Burns from Maine
Dick and Barb Burns drove down to visit today. Dick went to Maine U. when Ann also attended. He’s a state of Maine native but comes south to Florida for the winter. State of Mainers love to tell stories – like – the advance of technology.

When he was young they you had to dial the operator to place a call. Well he wanted to talk to Burt and told the operator to connect him to Burt’s home. She did but there was no answer. Where’s Burt? Why, he’s over at grocery store, you want me to connect you to the store said the operator? Why yes. Presently, the two are talking. You going to the wedding Sunday? Why yes – the operator interrupts – oh, that’s been cancelled, Ben got cold feet – he’s out lobstering by the point but Sarah has a cake you might want to sample… (and the story continues on in the same vein)

A Key West rooster
It only took technology 50 years to catch up (e.g, cellphones) to what was routinely being done back then all the time.

Mallory Square sunset
Meanwhile, I took a photo of a Key West rooster, they wander all over the place and seem to all be of the same type. There are also 6 toed cats that Key West is famous for but I haven’t seen any of those yet. We also took in another sunset at Mallory Square but still no green flash – yet. We did find an excellent fish market, Eaton Street Seafood Market. I bought two pounds of huge shrimp, just excellent


BL said...

I see the sun going down behind Sunset Key. That island used to be called Tank Island back in the day because a bunch of storage tanks were out there probably Navy ones. But then a developer bought it and renamed it to something a little more marketable! And I'm glad you found a seafood market! You'll find plenty of six-toed cats hanging out at Hemingway's house. Have you found Wayne yet of Wayne's weiners hot dog stand? Tell him Tim Leary says Hello if you do!!