Thursday, February 17, 2011

Key West – Beach and then Mallory Square for the sunset

Well, it is a pretty beach
Something has bloomed in Key West and it’s been affecting Ann, Monique and Philip causing a mild allergic reaction (stuffy nose). It seems to come and go but never appeared until this past weekend. Ann took an allergy pill and that seemed to have solved the problem for the present. Regardless, it was a beautiful, sunny day so we stopped by the Cuban Coffee Queen shop for Cuban sandwiches and headed for the beach. The beach was packed! I think we’re starting to get into the peak tourist season along with the beginning of the spring break weeks (for the nest four weeks). String bikinis have taken over beach wear, at least for the younger crowd.

Great patter
Returning to the boat to catch our breath, we then headed to Mallory Square for the sunset. As I mentioned before, it’s getting more crowded but it’s a big square so there was still lots of room. It’s fun to watch all the acts that are set up around the square and we stopped to watch one juggler. The entertaining part was his patter, he knew how to play to a crowd. The routine is to perform and then at the end ask for tips which is very fair. If you liked his act, you can tip, otherwise you don’t have to.

Clouds you couldn't see at first got in the way
The sunset was pretty but it didn’t go right down to the horizon. I’ve been trying to get a shot of the “green flash” but haven’t been successful yet. However, you have no chance if you can’t see the top edge of the sun as it disappears below the horizon. Such was the case tonight.