Monday, February 21, 2011

Key West – Matthew’s family leaves, with Matthew and lunch at BO’s Fish Wagon

No Snivelling!
Due to the high cost of charges on the airlines, much of the luggage was sent via UPS which was cheaper than paying the baggage fees. So most of the morning was spent in getting everyone ready for the trip back to the airport.

For lunch we chose to treat everyone to lunch at BO’s Fish Wagon, a spot with a lot of the Key West character. They have a sign out front just before you enter that sums up their attitude (see the photo!) The reference to “accident prone” is due to the multi-level floor surface. If you don’t watch your step, you can go tumbling forward, spilling everything you’re holding. I almost accomplished this the last time we visited the place, catching myself at the last instant. Others have come to grief with platters of beer with nearby customers as participants in the resulting deluge.

The column at right is a live tree!
As previously stated, it used to be a food wagon but the “restaurant” grew up around it like Topsy. They seems to add “walls” as they found discarded cars, trucks, washing machines, etc. There are trees growing up inside the establishment and form part of the inside support for the metal roof.

However, the reason it’s successful and recommended is the quality of the food. The fish sandwiches are excellent and everything else is made on the premises too such as the conch fritters and hand cut French fries. It’s better than it looks!


BL said...

You are seriously making me crave fresh fish and conch frittters!