Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Key West – Getting ready for Matthew’s family

The $80/month dinghy dock in front of Turtle Kraals
Anybody that’s been on a boat knows how things accumulate in convenient locations. Well, Matthew’s cabin has been pretty convenient but now we have to clear it out for four more guests and then put everything back together. So now we’re a boat that sleeps seven in two cabins plus the main salon where we’ve placed an inflatable bed. It all seems to fit, in theory at least, we’ll find out in reality on Wednesday. The crew is due to arrive tonight (Tuesday) around 10:30 pm.

Meanwhile it looks like more and more college kids are arriving judging from the sweatshirts with school names. According to the schedule of spring breaks, the flood starts the week after Matthew leaves when we’re still here although it ‘s never as bad as at Ft. Lauderdale.

Harbor entrance - good protection
Most of the restaurants specialized in seafood as you might expect but there is one that prides itself on BBQ, Turtle Kraals which is pictured in the photo. It’s okay but I wouldn’t compare it to good southern BBQ. So far we like the Cuban mix sandwiches at Cuban Coffee Queen as well as anything ($6.00 each).

I’ve included a photo of the entrance to the marina to show that there’s no view to open water. Whatever wave action there is has to negotiate two right angle turns to reach us so we’ve been pretty calm as a result. We're also on the side of the marina away from the mainland ferry and the Tortugas ferry so that’s a plus too. We're happy with the slip. Now we’ll stay up to receive our new guests.