Thursday, February 10, 2011

Key West – Feeding the Pelicans

The fish are cleaned - the pelicans eat
There is a row of pelicans that routinely sit on top of the turtle exhibition hall waiting for fishermen to clean their catch by the dock, hoping for leftovers. They are a great attraction for tourists taking photos (including me!) What the pelicans miss (not much!) the harbor tarpons scoop up. Both the pelicans and tarpons appear to be well fed.

Meanwhile, we discovered that we landed in the middle of the woman’s football league that’s in Key West this week, the 20th Annual Kelly McGillis Classic! You may remember Kelly McGillis as the female lead in Top Gun, she has a restaurant here, Kelly’s. There are teams from the USA, Mexico, Finland, Sweden and Canada. They all play a tournament this week and then continue the tour, playing at New Jersey, Denmark, Chicago, Montreal, Sweden, Ptown (MA) and Mexico City.

One of the "floats" in the parade of the woman's football teams

I had never heard of this league before. The football they play is not full tackle, it’s call flag football where if you grab a piece of cloth hanging out of a player’s rear pocket, then the player is considered “tackled” and can go no further. The actual tournament competition started today but we haven’t seen any of the games, they’re across town.

Very warm today, we had the A/C on all day.