Monday, February 14, 2011

Key West – It warms up

Two boaters on vacation - just playing
Even on a cruise there are certain things that intrude and demand attention. You have to fill the water tanks every so often, the holding tanks have to be emptied, the laundry has to be done. The boat is self contained to an extent but still requires a give and take with the outside world. I suppose I could installed solar cells or a wind generator along with a water maker and just use the sails – if there’s no wind, just don’t go. However, we’re not that much of a purist, we like our conveniences and we’re in a marina usually once per week anyway at a minimum except for stopovers like at Key West – but then there’s only one Key West.

I went to the dock office to pick up my mail and two guys were playing a banjo and a guitar and going at it pretty good. That’s the beauty of Key West, you find music everywhere. It turns out that one of the two had been anchored out by the island for the last 1.5 month. He had two anchors out and still dragged occasionally. He related that the currents were fierce out there and you swung around a lot not to mention the sloppy ride into the harbor when the wind and waves were running high. He still has to pay the $80/month fee for use of the dinghy dock in the harbor but then it’s a lot cheaper than being on a dock. But we’re happy where we're at!

 On Tuesday the invasion starts! Matthew’s family is flying down to Ft Lauderdale and will rent a car for the drive to Key West. The temps are due to be in the middle 70’s all week so it ought to be quite a change for them!