Sunday, February 27, 2011

Key West- Artist Displays

One entire street was blocked off for the displays
Key West has a juried art show every year and this year it was today. Every accepted artist has a booth for the display of their wares. I’ve been to many such shows but none with the quality of work I saw today. The works varied from sculptors to paintings to photographic reproductions. One display in particular caught Ann’s eye. The artist worked with digital images but manipulated them to resemble abstract art that were very pleasing to the eye. I think Ann talked to him for almost ½ hour.

Key West continues to get more crowded each day as spring breaks build up with more and more schools having the same week. We saw many more college kids today on the streets but you can still walk around okay. I heard that during the peak spring break period, they close Duval street to pedestrian traffic only – but that hasn’t happened yet.

Interesting a helicopter was used instead of a plane
As we waited to board the fast cat yesterday for our trip to the Dry Tortugas, we saw a helicopter flying a pattern overhead and spraying something out of nozzles under the frame. The array of nozzles looked like what you would see on a crop duster. When it passed over the town, you could see the mist of the spray coming out. They didn’t spray over the harbor. The helicopter was very methodical in spreading the spray in rows in order to cover the entire town. Now I know why Key West is so bug free. It’s the dry season for sure but the spraying must be key too.