Friday, February 4, 2011

Key West – The McKeevers visit

Bill and Ruth McKeever with Ann at the Ft Taylor beach
Bill and Ruth McKeever spend February in the Keys and when we arrived on 2/1 we wanted to get together. They’ve been coming down for six years so they know the place a lot better than us. It was another beautiful day, very warm so Bill offered to take us to the beach which, of course, we immediately accepted!

Well, you had to get a photo here!
On the way we stopped by the southern most point in the continental USA for the obligatory photo by the big, red buoy. Then it was on to the beach by Ft Taylor. We had intended to tour the fort but the beach was just too beautiful and the weather too inviting for laying in the sun. We snorkeled at first but the water was too stirred up which is typical of a sand beach so we quit and sat the in the beach chairs provided by Bill to enjoy the afternoon. Meanwhile, Matthew completed the first draft of his book report in the morning so he was overjoyed to be free of further homework until Monday. With that he was in the water all afternoon and rarely came out. That boy does take to water!

One of the unique experiences of Key West are the bands. They are everywhere at night! Bill recommended a nearby place (BO’s Fish Wagon) which has a band he’s fond of so we all walked over to hear the second set starting at 8:00. They were great and there are many other bands to discover not far away, we’ll go looking.


BL said...

So glad to hear you have connections in the area! They'll be a great source of local info I'm sure. Pepe's is the name of another place we used to go to for dining out. Hope it's still there! We also used to frequent Turtle Kraals but it could be hit or miss, especially this time of year. I've spent many a day sitting on Ft. Taylor beach! Looks terrific!

Anonymous said...

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

hi guys looks like your having a great time.your lawn guy paul

Bob423 said...

Hi Paul, maybe some of the pics will help melt that northern snow!