Thursday, October 24, 2019

Windmill Harbour - at a dock

There's a big regatta this weekend and there are receptions tonight, lots of activity
We are now just north of Savannah on Hilton Head at Windmill Harbour. This is a first-class marina. The South Carolina Yacht Club is located here and the clubhouse has a great restaurant. This is the only marina I know of where you enter through a private lock. With the lock system, there's no variation in water level in the marina, even during storms. On top of that, it's surrounded by three story houses so it's well protected from high winds. It's a great hurricane hole.

This heron had its own ideas of dinner
We had dinner at the yacht club which I highly recommend, they have a good chef with his own spin on things. The members of the yacht club we knew were away on their boats so we just stayed one day instead of our planned two days.

We will pass through Savannah today and take a dock at Kilkenny Marine for the night. We are still on schedule for a November 1st arrival at Titusville if we have no further weather delays.