Sunday, October 27, 2019

Jekyll Island - at anchor

After the rain, a rainbow!
We passed through Little Mud River without incident but then we had 7 ft of tide! The lowest we saw was 4 MLLW at the southern exit. It gets shallower every year. Mud River is not on the list of areas to dredge since it is so long and the type of mud there is very loose, the type not allowed by the EPA to be dumped nearby. It would have to be taken out to the ocean, too cost-prohibitive.

You can always take a dock if you want but we prefer the free anchorage with a public dock
It's a different story for Jekyll Island. USACE was able to come up with a plan to put some of the dredge material on top of the nearby marshes. They are monitoring how that goes and hopefully, they can use the same procedure for Mud River later on.

A peaceful anchorage, all alone
The weather is still cloudy and rainy but we made it through without a downpour and with no lightning and thunder. We are anchored peacefully at the Jekyll Creek anchorage across from the public dock. I don't know why more people don't use this excellent anchorage. it's true that the NOAA charts show shoal water but it's much deeper and recently, Navionics SonarChart was updated to show the correct depths. The holding is great and the protection is 360 - and you have a public dock to use!

On Monday, it's off to the free dock off Sister's Creek near Jacksonville.