Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Alligator River Marina - Out for wine

Can't go in high winds, might lose them overboard
I decided to hold a "Going South" presentation this Wednesday at 2:00 at the clubhouse here. Everybody in the marina signed up and I updated all my charts for the event. I will cover all the latest things to be concerned about (and how to become unconcerned!) on the trip south on the ICW.

The iconic lighthouse of Alligator River Marina
Meanwhile, not only are the boats piling up since nobody can get through the bridge, but also large windage structures are parked in the Alligator River Marina parking lot. Today we had three pre-fabs parked because the winds were too high for a passage over the long bridge. They will probably be here Wednesday too since there's no letup in the wind predicted.

We went over for wine with Dixon and Kiki and traded stories of all kinds, very enjoyable. They had nice wine which we always enjoy. We also heard that the bridge is due to try an experimental opening sometime on Wednesday which bodes well for a Thursday return to normal, we hope.