Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Southport Marina - Getting our dinghy motor fixed

Southport Marina is the home of Hank Pomeranz and his nightly briefings on weather and what's ahead going south on the ICW. If you stay in Southport Marina, be sure to atend!
The ride today from Surf City to Southport was a study in how to avoid shallow spots. There are many, many areas of 5 MLLW right in the middle of the channel. There are paths around those shallow spots if you know where to go. On the track I took, I found nothing less than 8.5 MLLW and I uploaded that track to bobicw for anyone to use.

R122A at Masonboro was pulled out of the channel (as marked
on NOAA charts) and parked by the nearby docks
We had a sleigh ride down Cape Fear River. We topped out at 10 kts which is always nice, especially with no wind. Our luck will run out on Wednesday when rain is predicted all day long so we took a dock at Southport Marina for two days to ride out the storm. Meanwhile, Zimmerman Marine is repairing my dinghy motor so I can take Hoolie ashore when we anchor.

The bridge in Snows Cut is shown here with a
1 ft tide, it's definitely not 65 ft at high tide
Southport is also the home of Hank Pomeranz who give nightly briefings on the weather ahead and the things to look out for on the ICW south of here. It's a very popular stopover for those heading south for the winter. We will definitely be stopping here again.