Sunday, October 6, 2019

Coinjock - We have the prime rib dinner

With the channel 90 ft wide, we meet up with this guy
The channel into Coinjock is rather narrow, down to 90 ft wide in places, so it's handy to know exactly how far off the center of the channel you can go - especially when you meet one of the tugs shown in the photo! Aqua Map with the USACE surveys is a real help here but Navinics with SonarChart is pretty good too through this area.
The tug went right down the middle, I let him do that...  I snugged over to one side but stayed out of the red! The depth numbers from the USACE surveys are also displayed in Aqua Map, handy to have.

The famous Coinjock restaurant

No visit to Coinjock would be complete without dinner at their restaurant. Their specialty is prime rib which we always have. Ann and I both order ours rare, a real treat.

The Monday forecast is looking okay for crossing the Albemarle with winds around 10 kts but out of the southeast. We'll take it since the weather deteriorates over the next few days after that.

The other obstacle is the Alligator River bridge which has been out of commission for the last several days. We heard this afternoon that the part it needed arrived and they plan to have it installed by noon on Monday - hopefully. We'll leave early Monday but we only plan to reach the Alligator River Marina and then RE Mayo by the next day if the weather holds.