Friday, October 18, 2019

Osprey Marina - Cool nights

It really is a nice marina, calm and protected by high trees on all sides
The marina here is full. All the fuel docks are occupied, all the slips have boats - it's time for more expansion. I'm told the area used to be a quarry that was later connected to the ICW and then flooded and made into a marina. It's also a freshwater marina, not brackish so it doesn't encourage salt water vermin on your hull.

We had visitors off the back of the boat - no doubt looking for a hand-out
I spent the day putting a presentation on the status of the ICW for the Snowbird Rendezvous seminar session scheduled for Saturday night. It has all the latest news for those heading out for points south on the ICW. It's been a great year for dredging but there are still shallow spots to avoid. There are ways around the shallows but you have to know how to navigate them.

Notice the weld, they had to add height
to the pilings when Florence raised the water
level above the old pilings
Saturday looks like a rain and wind day. The storm that started out in the Gulf of Mexico is headed north across the Florida peninsula and then up the east coast, right over the top of us. It's not a hurricane but it will bring high winds and heavy rains. Oh well, we'll sit it out here at Osprey. We have electricity, so far, and it's nice and cozy. We plan on reaching Georgetown on Sunday and then try to make it all the way to Charleston on Monday, a 55 mile trip! For the next day, we'll just watch it rain in the comfort of a heated cabin.