Friday, October 4, 2019

Hampton - Last day and with dinner guests

Hampton planted a row of beautiful pampas grasses. They shimmer in the sun when stirred with the slightest wind, very beautiful. We put up the rest of the enclosure, took on water, and a bag of ice. We even did a wash. With that, we’re set until we reach Homer Smith in Beaufort, NC. We plan to reach the free dock just south of Great Bridge on Saturday and move on to Coinjock Sunday. 

The trip across the Albemarle is iffy. The US based model has wind of 5 to 10 kts but the European model shows winds of 10 to 15 with higher gusts. It’s a go for the US forecast but a no go if the European model holds for Monday. It will be a wait and see day. The winds pipe up again on Tuesday so it will be a wait if Monday doesn’t prove to be good. Wind above 15 kts is a disaster on the Albemarle and 10 to 15 on the nose is on the edge of a disaster, especially with higher gusts. The reason is the shallow water, the waves build up into closely spaced, block waves that play havoc with your boat. 

We had friends over for dinner tonight on Fleetwing and we all had a grand time. It’s early to bed for us and a big day tomorrow.