Wednesday, October 2, 2019

95 today, too hot but followed by a great meal

Eta Gordon prepares dinner
It surely was a very hot day. We had the A/C going all day long, lucky for us. We did a little teak in the morning but it was mostly staying inside out of the heat. In the meantime, I discovered that the latest Apply iOS (13) disabled the loading of tracks and routes to an iPad. That’s a tremendous impact for all the boaters following my tracks as I head south on the ICW. I spent two hours on the phone with Apple technical support and I’m due a call back at 10:00 on Thursday with a status. One wonders how it’s possible to make such mistakes from such a big company that values it being consumer oriented. 

The saving grace of the day was dinner with Eta and Gordon Johnson. We’ve known them since we bought our Beneteau 423 in 2003. Eta puts out a wonderful dinner every time and so we enjoyed the  camaraderie of being on the ICW and meeting friends along the way. 

We still have a lot to do that we put off due to the heat but we’ll tackle that on Thursday. Monday looks like a good day to cross the Albemarle so we’ll aim for Sunday to reach Coinjock. 

Everybody digs in for dinner at the Gordons. We’ll have them over to Fleetwing on Friday. The interior ought to be somewhat presentable by then!