Thursday, October 17, 2019

Osprey Marina - at a dock

This is Barefoot Landing where we used to dock and explore the shops, but no more.
The dock has been converted to small boat slips - does not look like a very smart move, some people never learn
There are some marinas that are icons on the ICW and Osprey Marina is at the top of the list of places you want to stop at. The first attraction is the price, only $1.00/ft! Furthermore, if you stay more than three days, then for the fourth day on, the price drops to $0.26/ft! Pump out is free and the price of diesel was only $2.649/gal, taxes included.

You get a welcome package upon arriving - and this at $1/ft!
The docks are new ipe lumber, first-rate and they even have a welcome package consisting of locally made pepper jelly, a clip for closing opened bags, an insulated holder for drinks, pecan twirls, honey bun, and even a whistle. They have well-kept showers and two washers and two dryers with a table to fold laundry on. The WiFi is free, of course, and I've measured 10 Mbps at my boat.

Make your own coffer and partake of the free iced tea, already made
On top of everything else, it's surrounded by trees that give the best protection from storms as anywhere on the east coast, zero fetch and very little wind action. Honestly, is there any better marina for the value on the east coast? I can see why the place is always so full.

This is not hard to take
Meanwhile, we passed through Lockwoods Folly and Shallotte this afternoon with no problems following the GPX routes, at least 8 MLLW in the shallowest spots. I uploaded today's track for others to follow if they want.

There is a storm coming and it's due to hit us on Saturday with gale force winds along the coast. We'll be very snug here and move again on Sunday after the storm passes by. We hope to reach Charleston by Sunday night.