Monday, October 28, 2019

Jacksonville Free Dock on Sisters Creek - at a dock

Nothing is quite as sinister-looking as a black nuclear sub
We took the outside route in St Andrews Sound since it was so calm. We saw the usual 9 MLLW by taking the route that cuts inside the red buoy, the same route we've taken the last six years. It never changes in depth.

Don't mess with these guys
As we passed by the naval station, we saw a submarine docked along with a guard boat that paced us as we motored by - complete with a machine gun on the bow! I waved but I didn't see anyone wave back.

Not done yet!

The docks at Fernandina looked good from the water. They look like they've been extended southward at least 1/3 more, perhaps 1/2 more. However, they are still not opened, the gas dock has a lot of work to do.

There are two walkways to the docks from land, one is being replaced - noisy during the day
I saw 9 MLLW in the Fernandina shallows and the least after that was 7 MLLW in the Amelia River in one spot. So if you follow my track, there's really no problem, even at low tide. We took a dock at the Jacksonville free dock off Sisters Creek.

Anybody cruising the ICW south of Fernandina will recognize this bridge
The highlight of the day was an invitation to dinner from Terri and Larry who live in the area. We went to an amazing restaurant that we've all passed by many times. For those who have been through over the years, remember the swing railroad bridge just south of the Fernandina shallows. The current rips through there and we are all fixated on watching the narrow gap that we've all missed the restaurant that is only a few feet away from the bridge! It's the Downunder and the food is so much better than you might expect for an out of the way place. If you're even in the area, be sure not to miss the opportunity to eat at one of the best restaurants on the ICW.

Have a ringside seat next to the ICW and the swing bridge 
On Tuesday, we're headed for St Augustine for two days. Ann wants to see some of the art exhibits and we always enjoy walks through town.