Sunday, October 13, 2019

Home Smith - Can't get outboard started

We say goodnight to Homer Smith
The outboard motor won't start. For someone with a pet to get to shore that likes to anchor out, that's a big problem. I brought on the problem all by myself. I had Fleetwing hauled last May and didn't empty the tank before putting the boat up for the summer on land. Over the summer, the outboard sat on the aft rail in direct sunlight when the temperatures reach the 90's many days. This problem happened once before when the motor sat on the aft rail in Titusville (facing south) for four months. For that incident, I had the carburetor cleaned in St Augustine and it was fine for the rest of the cruise. The problem I'm having now sounds just like the same thing. I tried carburetor cleaner by spraying it in the ports but got no results. I plan on stopping at Zimmerman's in Southport to get it cleaned.

We made use of Home Smith's free courtesy car to provision for the rest of the trip south. We bought massive amounts of groceries and now we're stocked for most of the trip to Titusville.  The weather is a little iffy but the rain, if any, is predicted to just be in the early morning. We would like to reach Topsail Marina in Surf City which would stage us for the trip to Southport the next day. The current is ebbing in the afternoon that day with light winds so it ought to be fine.

Homer Smith's clubhouse to  be
Homer Smith is still expanding. He added the 60 ft ipe wood floating docks last spring and now he's building a proper clubhouse. It will have three washers and three dryers, three showers with one being handicap, a kitchen for transients, lounge, and even a work area. It will be a two-story affair with an elevator. Tony thinks he can do it in three months but it will probably take longer.