Saturday, October 12, 2019

Homer Smith Marina in Beaufort, NC - at a dock

Our traveling companion for the last several days - Highlander
We had a day on the Neuse that will never be equaled again. It was glassy calm with winds of less than 5 kts. From past experience, the Neuse can equal the Albemarle in nastiness. It is shallow and it has a very long reach for the waves to build up. However, they can't build without wind! The large bays are behind us now, the rest is mostly protected waters although Cape Fear River can be bad if try it with wind against the tide.

Fresh filleted fish
We are now in Homer Smith Marina on one of their 60 ft docks which are a pleasure to tie up to. They have free laundry and if the fleet is in, you can get shrimp and the fish of the day. We will take advantage of the free courtesy car to get groceries on Sunday so we can stock up for the rest of the trip south.

Red Snapper, outstanding fish for a dinner

There is quite a community here of long termers and we shared happy hour with our neighbors. It's a nice group of people. It doesn't hurt that the weather has turned warm and sunny without rain!