Wednesday, October 30, 2019

St Augustine - We visit the Lei's Linens

Lei's Linens - a great store!
Ann likes the poinsettia pattern
One place we never miss while in St Augustine is Lei's Linens. She does her own embroidery work on fine linens for table cloths or runners. They are very high quality and Ann always stops by. The products are amazing in the detail of the work with the designs being formed by different colored threads, no prints here. Ann bought a runner for the center of the table for Christmas.

We also stop by the Spanish bakery for fresh bread every time we're in town
Ann is about 1/2 way through an amazing course on How to Draw by Great Courses.  It's taught by a professor at the University of Washington. in Seattle. Normally, the Great Courses cost $50 to $90 each for a complete set for one subject but what is little known is that most libraries offer them for free as part of your library membership. They can then be streamed with Kanopy, an app for both Apple and Android devices.

The local art center was closed but the Bird of Paradise was in full bloom
We are in St Augustine with OnSpotWiFi and we can stream the course with no problem. Ann watched one episode today. If you have unlimited data, via Verizon for example, you can stream it at anchor, we've done it many times and display the course on our 32 inch LCD TV via an HDMI cable. They also have thousands of free movies too for streaming, it's a great bargain - and it's all free by signing in with your library card. You ought to ask your home library if they support Kamopy, we haven't found a local library yet than doesn't support the service.

Ann was out taking pictures this afternoon as part of her "homework" from the course in how to better draw perspectives. Meanwhile, we are still in a heatwave that will last one more day until it turns cooler on Friday. We will leave Thursday morning for our usual Bethune Park anchorage in Daytona. Despite the four day delay at the Alligator River Marina due to the bridge problem, we will still reach Titusville as we planned on November 1st. We both look forward to relaxing a bit form the constant traveling.