Wednesday, October 23, 2019

B&B Seafood - We take a dock

It's just a dock, nothing extra
A convenient stopover for us is B&B Seafood. It is not for everyone. It is not a marina, it's only a dock and not a very good one at that. There are boards stuck out at odd angles, missing planks, falling off rub rails, etc. However, if you put up with those failings, they have excellent local shrimp. It is not frozen and you can buy a pound for $7. Needless to say, we had shrimp for dinner tonight! Oh yes, the dock is only $25/night for any size boat but there's no electric or water.

It been the same for the last 10 years
Previously today, we passed through Dawho River and Watts Cut. I altered the northern route to closely follow the most recent survey by the USACE of the area. The route is now much straighter than before and the track I uploaded today is the same path. At Dawho River the least I saw was 10 MLLW and for Watts Cut it was 7.2 MLLW. You can see the same numbers if you download and follow today's track.

As I said, nothing special about the docks...
We are only staying here one night and we are aiming for Windmill Harbour for Thursday night. There's rain in the forecast for later in the week so we may only stay one night at Windmill Harbour.