Thursday, April 13, 2017

Titusville - Last minute provisioning, we visit Harvey's for grapefruit, regulator does not arrive

Works of art
On Saturday we embark on a part of the trip without easy access to supermarkets. So in view of that we did our last provisioning today and the freezer and refrigerator are both jammed packed. We also visited Harvey's for our last supply of Florida grapefruit. It's the best of the local places for fresh grapefruit and oranges.

On the way off our dock, there's a guy who does fancy rope work and he had some of his work on display (see photo). It looks like he works in hemp, the traditional rope material. The hemp gives the knots a wonderful, golden appearance but it will degrade with time, unlike nylon.

Somewhat cloudy. Ann likes to collect cloud photos for her paintings
We're having friends over Friday for an Easter dinner with a ham. It will be our last hurrah in Titusville until next year. I still have to install the new regulator but it hasn't arrived yet. The last we heard via tracking was that it arrived in Orlando at 6:00 am this morning, only 42 miles away but it didn't make it here yet. I really shouldn't be using USPS but they promised (!) 2 day delivery.