Friday, April 21, 2017

Isle of Hope Marina- at Savannah on a dock

You know you're close to Savannah when you see the spanish moss
Normally on a leg from Fernandina to Savannah we would anchor out at Jekyll Island, then anchor out at Wahoo River and then on to Savannah. However, the tides were not right for that sequence. We would have wound up going through some of the shallowest places at dead low tide, not fun. So from Fernandina we pushed on to Hidden Harbor YC which is north of Jekyll Island. We stayed there for one night and then left at 6:45 am intending to reach Wahoo River but then decided to travel on to Kilkenny Marina but then changed plans once again since the weather was so nice and the tides were right. That's how we wound up at Isle of Hope in Savannah, it's on the other side of Hell Gate where the minimum water is 4.2 ft MLW. We came through with a 5 ft tide and all was fine.

I really wonder how they manage to get in and out, the fairways are tight! We're on an outside dock.
So we are here for the night before moving on to Thunderbolt on Saturday and Sunday. Depending upon the prediction for thunderstorms, we'll stay one day, two days, or three days. We're in no particular rush to get north, it all depends on the weather and being comfortable while on the water. That's one of the big advantages of being retired, you can set your own pace.

We got the last slip available
Isle of Hope Marina here is full. We only got a slip because of a cancellation but we have two days reserved at Thunderbolt on Saturday and Sunday. They didn't seem to have suffered much from hurricane Matthew. Their docks here are massive and I guess that helped. We'll leave in the morning for Thunderbolt Marina.


PBF said...

Hi Bob --

We are a few days behind you (in Cocoa today), and I really appreciate all of your posts and updates. Very helpful, informative and fun to follow. I also loaded your routes file into my Garmin iPad which will be my guide through a few of those tight spots. Just wanted to say thanks and hope to meet you along the journey north.

Pete Ferrara
m/y Endless Summer

Bob423 said...

Hi Pete, you know that things change on the ICW so be sure to check the latest Active Captain post before transiting the trouble spots. The waypoints are no longer needed for many of the inlets where North Carolina has dredged this year such as Shallotte, Lockwoods Folly, Carolina Beach, Brown's inlet (where you did the "S" curve in the fall), and a few others.

We'll be at Thunderbolt until Tuesday morning most likely when we start out again. If you're ever in the area, be sure to drop by. You can always find us by clicking on "Follow Fleetwing on Google Maps" in the left column on the blog site.