Wednesday, April 26, 2017

St Johns Yacht Harbor - We explore Charleston

A great way to cool off during the summertime
The great weather returned today with sunshine and temps in the high 70's. Ann missed her Harris Teeter "fix" on the way down due to hurricane Matthew so I rented a car today so we could spend most of the day in Charleston. Now, this place has a courtesy car but it's only available for two hours at a stretch.

Great walk along the shore in one of the many parks in Charleston
The first stop was at Harris Teeter which Ann loves and with that behind us we headed for downtown Charleston. The first stop is always the shops at the Charleston City Market with over a hundred vendors with products mostly made in the area. We roamed around there for almost two hours before heading out again for a walk along the eastern shore.

Charleston is famous for its basket weaving products
Charleston has classic southern homes, mostly brick in this area. Their parks by the water are first rate. One in particular has multiple fountains directed towards the center and splashing and wading is encouraged. I imagine it's very popular in the summer heat.

The bridge to the marina is out! There's a 1/2 mile walk to get around it
We will be leaving in the morning for Awendaw to anchor in preparation for McClellanville on Friday to wind up at Georgetown. We have the tide with us so it shouldn't be a problem.