Saturday, April 8, 2017

Titusville - at a dock

Any food to share?
We just had a letter perfect day for the 65 Nm trip north to Titusville. The wind started out at 10 to 12 knots on the nose but then slacked off to 7 kts off the beam. With the full sun all day, it was warm in the enclosed cockpit although it was cool this morning with a temperature of 57 in Vero Beach.
New showers just installed

My to do this week is to fix the charging system that runs off the Volvo engine. The genset is fine but either the regulator or the alternator is defective. I plan on taking the alternator by a shop on Monday to have it tested. One of the two is bad.

Meanwhile, we do have a little charging, about 10 to 12 amps under full rpms as opposed to the normal 50 to 70 amps. It's enough to keep the batteries from draining but not enough to fully charge them. At the dock we're plugged into shore power so the batteries are finally getting a full charge tonight off our shore charger (Prosine 3.0). There is always something to keep your interest up while cruising.

The banana tree is producing (until someone picks the bananas...)
We plan on staying in Titusville for the next week to allow time to fix whatever is wrong with the charging system and just to enjoy the trip north by relaxing at one of our favorite stops. Hoolie certainly enjoys the dog park and we'll rent a car for a couple of days to provision and sightsee.


Unknown said...

I know you like Vero quite a bit but when we were there we had a dock cleat pull out during a storm causing damage to our boat and a neighboring boat. The problem is that many of the cleats installed on the wood docks are simply nail in and not bolted.
By the way, there is dredging going on at Ft Manatnzas just above Marineland. I think your chart for that passage may have to be revised.
On another subject I have heard that the anchorage at Sisters Creek, Jacksonville has been dredged so deeply as to be unusable. Do you have any information on that?

Bob423 said...

Richard, I only stayed on a dock there once (at Vero). They are not in good shape and that was 6 years ago. After that we've always taken a mooring. Thanks for the news on Ft Mantanzas! I greatly appreciate updates on problem areas. At Sister's Creek we've switched over to using the free Jacksonville dock just north although it seems to be getting crowded, we had to raft up last time. Thanks for that info too. North Carolina is doing a great job this year in dredging (Shallotte, Lockwoods Folly, Topsail, Browns and others). If only South Carolina and Georgia would dredge, the ICW would be in great shape. I've heard of no improvements in Jekyll Creek, Mud River, Ashepoo, Hell Gate, McClellenville, etc.

I think my 2017 edition will have a lot of revisions.

Anonymous said...


Yes, the anchorage at Sisters Creek has beem dredged. I have not seen a yone anchored there since the dredge left. The free dock has not been crowded in the past couple of weeks. I have only seen two or three boats there at one time in the past couple of weeks. The anchorage behind Blount Island is excellent, except in any strong west wind. The guy who runs Active Captain was anchored there last night. We plan to leave around the 20th for St. A. We may see you on your way north.

sv Vixen
Jax, FL

Bob423 said...

Terri, good to here about the free dock not being crowded, at least not yet. We are slowly coming north. I would expect to be up at the free dock by 4/18 or 4/19.