Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ft Lauderdale - Last day

If you're around Ft Lauderdale, stop by here
One thing we like about Ft Lauderdale and the Las Olas marina mooring field is the excellent laundry facilities they have. The room is air conditioned and there are six washers and dryers with a very large folding table. You wouldn't think that would be on your mind but in the scheme of things, you really do have to do laundry once in awhile and so you become aware of those marinas that offer good service in this area.

There is also a CVS nearby for incidentals including grocery items you would find at a 7/11 store. Finally, today was Sunday morning and I was tasked with finding either donuts or pastries for breakfast as is the custom in our household. Luckily, there was a French bakery only one block away. The owner was obviously French and they had a good selection of great French pastries. We indulged and had a proper Sunday morning respite.

View of the mooring field
Monday is moving day again and our array of 15 bridges await us. We aim to wind up in the anchorage just south of the Lantana bridge and meet Joe Mastri for dinner at the local restaurant there. The next day we hope to sneak by Mar-a-Lago before the Chinese president Xi arrives to meet with President Trump on Thursday. We want to reach Titusville by Thursday where we will stay for awhile.