Tuesday, April 25, 2017

St Johns Yacht Harbor - At a dock

How would you like this boat upstream?
As I was getting ready to leave from B and B Seafood, I happened to look at the boat behind me. He was evidently a very frugal guy since he only used clothesline to tie off his boat.
At least the line is all in one piece - but note the cleat
He had one piece on the aft section but the bow of the boat had a line that evidently was not long enough so he tied another clothesline to it with a knot. If I had known that's how that boat was tied off in 2 and 3 kts of current directed at my aft, I would have been nervous and would have donated line of a proper size to secure the boat. Fortunately, nothing amiss occurred.

Docks overturned and partially sunk
We had no problems through the shallow spots since we had plenty of tide with us. Even so, we could have made it through at low tide with our 4' 9" draft. I made entries into Active Captain with more details.

St Johns Yacht Harbor is a top notch outfit. They even have a courtesy car. Docking was interesting in almost 3 kts of current due to yesterday's heavy rains. We heard that some places got 6 inches in the space of only several hours. We wanted a car for an all day adventure in Charleston since we missed our usual stop at the Maritime Center in the fall due to hurricane Matthew damage. In fact, the Charleston Maritime Center is still closed! We walked by and apparently no work has been done yet to repair the damage. Several docks are askew and some are missing entirely. Needless to say, they are not open for business.

Charleston Maritime Center - still a pretty view of the sunset
Wednesday is time to explore and visit Ann's favorite store, Harris Teeter. We'll move on Thursday morning and drop the hook at Awendaw.