Monday, April 3, 2017

Lantana Anchorage - at anchor by the Lantana Bridge, south side

The Mascot of Old Key Lime House
Joe Mastri is a long time member of the Poughkeepsie YC so whenever we're in the neighborhood, we stop by Lantana on the way south or north to have dinner with him at the Old Key Lime House here. The anchorage offers 8 to 10 ft of depth protected from the north but with no protection from the south. As luck would have it, we arrived today with 17 kt winds out of the south, right up the ICW. However, the bottom has good holding and we set our 66 lb Spade and it never moved an inch thereafter. The wind has since settled down to 12 kts, not bad. If we hadn't intended meeting Joe for dinner, we would have gone farther north to the anchorage between the two bridges in West Palm Beach, between the Flagler and Royal Park bridges. Very little fetch gets to the anchorage between the bridges, the structures seem to dampen the wave action a lot. There are free town docks for dinghy access to shore with a nice harbor walk.

That's Fleetwing anchored out nearby
The attraction here, of course, is dinner with Joe at the Old Key Lime House. Even though it was a Monday night, the place was packed. The prices are reasonable and the food was good. There are two boat ramps for Hoolie relief which was somewhat of an adventure the first time with 17 kt winds blowing directly into the ramp. Still, it was okay, Hoolie got ashore and did his business.

On Tuesday we have the remaining bridges of southern Florida to endure, somewhere around 12 or so, I lose count. The stickler is Flagler bridge which only opens once an hour at 15 past due to construction - to be completed some year in the far future. Once through the bridges, we'll anchor at one of our favorite spots, Hobe Sound by R38 which I much prefer over Peck Lake, a favorite of others. We hope to get by Mar-a-Lago before President Trump and Chinese President Xi arrive. They are not due until Thursday so we should be okay.