Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fernandina - Ann goes to Magna's

Fernandina has two paper mills, no problem in an east wind
Fernandina is one of the towns we just enjoy walking through. There are lots of shops and the atmosphere is pleasant. The marina is still a mess. We heard that they are waiting for federal funds to rebuild the docks. Lots of luck on that. Meanwhile, they do have a dinghy dock that's actually better than the one before the storm. It's more convenient and bigger (since there are very few boats, they have the room).

The face docks are not open and they haven't even started on them yet
The main attraction today a for a visit to Magna's, a local legend for hair beautification. Magna's is one of our must do stops along the ICW so Ann can get her hair styled. A word of warning though, you must make reservations in advance, especially if there's a particular hair stylist you want. It's a very popular salon.

Ann's new hairstyle
We went to Pepper's for a Mexican dinner with Jane and Al. We enjoy the outdoor setting and the food is good. To top everything off, I finally got all the kinks out of the regulator. I'll put a file on the blog site on everything I found out about regulators. They are remarkably complicated. At least the one I have from Balmar is fully adjustable if you carefully follow directions.
Our sunset of the evening at Fernandina
Thursday we'll head for the Jekyll Island anchorage just south of the bridge unless we decide to push on. The weather always rules on the ICW.