Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fernandina - at anchor

Amelia "Ethical Commercial Archaellogy", whatever that is
We left St Augustine this morning with the intention of stopping over at the Jacksonville free dock for the evening. However, as the day progressed the weather turned out to be even better than forecast with temps in the upper 70's and little wind and full sun. Our ETA for Fernandina hovered around 4:15 pm and so with that we decided to just push on. You just don't let a good weather day go to waste when on the ICW.

When looking for an anchor that will not drag.....
None of the traditional shallow spots held much of a challenge and Fernandina is no longer a problem given the red side waypoints published on my blog site under ICW Tips, be sure to use those waypoints if you come through Fernandina. It's hard to eyeball the passage so the best technique is to just input the five waypoints into your chartplotter and enjoy a worry free passage with at least 9 MLW, mostly more. There are still shoals to 3 ft waiting to ambush those who don't follow the foolproof waypoints.

Main Street
Fernandina is still not fully open for business. The facedock is not operational and the dock office is non-functional as well as the gas dock. However, they do have a dinghy dock which we took advantage of for Hoolie. We'll go exploring Wednesday and Ann has an appointment at Magna's to get her hair done at 4:00. Afterwards we'll go the Peppers for dinner, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants along the ICW.