Monday, April 24, 2017

B&B Seafood - at their dock

Shrimping is a big business around here
Thunderstorms were predicted all day long today but when we checked the weather in the morning, everything had changed. Now the morning was clear and the storms were projected for the afternoon. With that info, we set out around 8:00 for B&B Seafood. We had the tide with us in the morning so the shallow spots such as Ashpoo were not a problem.

Not much to look at for they have great shrimp!
When we arrived we couldn't raise anyone on the radio or the telephone and later we were told that they were closed today. We had made our reservations earlier in the week so we just pulled up and tied off on their dock, no problem. They open Tuesday at 8:00 and we'll see if they have shrimp available. We saw one of their shrimp boats pull in front of us this afternoon so I would imagine there ought to be shrimp available in the morning.

Don't expect a five star marina dock, but the price is right - but no electric
This place is not for everyone. It is not a marina, it's a seafood market with a dock. There's no electricity on the dock so you'll have to rough it but the cost is only $30/day regardless of length. The attraction is the fresh shrimp which they catch daily.

On Tuesday we're headed for the the St Johns Yacht Harbor marina and we have a car reserved from Enterprise for 4:00 pm which we'll use to explore Charleston and provision. Then it's on to the Awendaw anchorage, Georgetown, Barefoot Landing and then St James Plantation Marina on 5/1/2017, at least that's the plan.