Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bethune Anchorage - at anchor

We anchor just off the dinghy dock, easy for getting ashore
We went through two shallow spots today. The first one was by the southern part of Ponce de Leon inlet where it meets the ICW. The ICW continues to fill in by R18 and today we saw 5.1 MLW, about two feet shallower than in the fall. The second spot was by R2 farther north which came in at 5.5 MLW. In both cases we hugged the reds by 20 to 30 ft. But I can't complain, Florida has done outstanding job in dredging this year at Ft Mantanzas and opposite Ft Pierce in the ICW. Given their past performance, I'm sure they will clean up these two annoyances too.

Good news, the Memorial Bridge continues to be taken down, no more waiting for that bridge
We got an early start from Titusville since we wanted to leave before the high winds whipped up. Getting out of a tight slip is easier with little wind. The bottom scrubbing we had done at Titusville restored our 7.3 kts of cruising speed. However, all was not wonderful. The charger started up fine but then it quit after about 1/2 hour! I unplugged it and restarted the charger whereupon it worked for another 1/2 hour but then quit again. I don't know what's going on here. I wrote a long note to Balmer technical support on the problem but, of course, it's the weekend so nobody was home. I'll follow up with a call on Monday.

It's a little windy here but still okay. The holding is good so there's no concern on that. We plan on arriving at St Augustine Sunday for a two day stay. Ann wants to walk through the shops and just see the area again. On Monday I'll call Balmer.


Anonymous said...

Call us when you get to the free dock in Jax.