Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ft Lauderdale - at the Las Olas mooring field

Miami is a major port and they have lots of these
The weather was superb for going north. There was no wave action and we just cruised along. We had intended leaving Sunday in order to get a mooring on a Sunday night. The moorings are very limited, only 9 in all available. However, the weather report for Saturday was better than Sunday so we went a day early. Once into the harbor the traffic was just what you would expect on a weekend in Ft Lauderdale, boats everywhere, going in all directions. Plus, we had to idle around in front of the 55 ft bridge since it was high tide at the time and our mast is 55 ft high so we waited for the bridge to open. After a few close encounters with other boats (lots of hand waving...) we made it through.

Main Street, Ft Lauderdale, lots of activity and warm in the 80's
Luckily, there was a mooring available which we snatched right up. Our backup was to anchor just north of the Las Olas bridge but we'd rather take a mooring. So we are secure for the night and we'll do laundry Sunday and start of run of 15 bridges on Monday to wind up at the anchorage just south of the Lantana Bridge. Joe Mastri from the Poughkeepsie YC will meet us there for dinner, a nice stop.

The bridge opens twice an hour, 15 before and after the hour. 
We're headed north quickly to reach Titusville by Thursday we hope. We want to get by Trump and his visit with the president of China, Xi, which starts Thursday at Mar a Lago. We plan on spending a week there for provision and rest up for the remaining trip north, this cruising stuff requires a lot of relaxation!