Saturday, April 22, 2017

Thunderbolt Marine in Savannah - at their dock

Savannah is home to a large shrimp boat fleet
We left late morning for Thunderbolt Marina. It's one of our usual stops along the ICW. They have good washers and dryers plus they deliver Krispy Kreme donuts to your boat every morning. What's not to like about that! Typically in the reviews for the marina you'll see pros and cons with the morning delivery of donuts in both the pro and con column! Pro, because they are really good and con because they are really fattening with lots of calories. Nevertheless, we like the marina. It doesn't have the high concentration of no-see ums that you have at Isle of Hope which is right next door to the marshes. It's also $0.25/ft cheaper too.

This was only 1/3 of the first half of the progression of barges. Some serious dredging equipment
As we sat on the back of our boat we saw a huge progression of dredges pass by. One was carrying the equipment for dredging and one the piping to deposit the dredge material some distance away from the dredging fleet. I've never seen such a huge progression of dredgers and pipes. In addition to the tug pulling the assembly, there were two other smaller tugs along side to guide the barges around turns. I can't imagine they could turn very sharply and we were really wondering where they were headed. It's too much to hope that they would deepen Hell Gate. They usually concentrate on major shipping lanes and pay little attention to the needs of the ICW, at least in Georgia. I hope I'm wrong.

Following behind in a separate tow were the pipes
We got our laundry done as we intended and we may not leave for two more days due to thunderstorms predicted for Sunday and Monday. We'll see how it goes and leave when the forecast is good.


Mary said...

We saw that dredge headed south on Fri in Port Royal, SC!

Bob423 said...

I wonder where that dredge was headed? Wouldn't it be nice if the destination was Hell Gate.