Monday, April 17, 2017

St Augustine - We visit art galleries

Great time looking at paintings and talking to the curator
Ann is an artist and she loves to talk shop. The place to do that in St Augustine is in the art galleries. With any luck she'll see a visiting artist giving a demonstration like we did in Key West. Even if no artist is painting, she loves to talk to the gallery curator. So today we made two walks along the streets of St Augustine stopping in a half dozen galleries.

Roughly half of the artist's works on display were from artists we had seen before, mostly in Key West. They tend to spread their work among several galleries. The paintings were first rate and interesting to see how they displayed their subject matter. The best artists have developed a style. Some paint the same subjects over and over but do it extremely well. For example, Thomas Arvid specializes in painting wine and wine glasses and we've seen his work all up and down the ICW. Ann met him in Key West. He's a technical wonder at what he does with oils but I have no desire to hang one of his paintings in my living room. Other painters have other styles and Ann enjoys exploring all of them and talking to the curators of the galleries.

Along the way was a shop that specialized in embroidery on runner and tablecloths, beautiful 
A detail on one of the patterns. All stitched thread
After a day of strolling St Augustine in beautiful 70 degree weather, we were invited over to Al and Jane's boat for wine and I got a chance to talk shop. It was a great time had by all and we retired to Fleetwing for dinner afterwards.

We're headed for the free dock at Jacksonville Tuesday afternoon and hopefully it won't be full. We'll have some shallow spots to entertain us along the way but nothing too bad. It's less than 40 Nm so it will be a relatively short day.