Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vero Beach - We chart the area

Finn decided the main cabin was better than his bunk aft, just like Matthew
It’s Finn. Today we took a ride in the dink. It is not easy to drive. On the ride we saw pelicans and osprey. For breakfast we had eggs and bacon with toast. It tasted so good. We also went to the dog park. It was so BIG. Hoolie had a wonderful time.  On the dink ride we saw a dolphin again. We went shopping with grandpa. The best thing was RELAXING!!! I did my horn too. Today was splendid. That’s all BYE!!!    

This is a chart I made this afternoon of the northern part of the Vero Beach mooring field. The mooring field is to the right, the exit to the ICW (which is too shallow by the island) is still deep enough for a good anchorage up to the island by the ICW. All depths are corrected to MLW. 
A number of chores including replacing the zinc on the genset and generally checking it out since it had not been used for several months, it was fine. Restocking on groceries was also on the list which Finn and I did. In the afternoon it was time for Finn to learn by doing in steering the dinghy. He seemed to always veer towards the shore ("Finn, more to the middle!") 

I got my sounding program working again and so I charted the upper part of the Vero Beach mooring field where there is no moorings but space to anchor. It's located at the northern end of the field and toward the channel going to the ICW with an island in the middle before the exit to the ICW. The depths are plenty for anchoring as long as you stay towards the middle and don't go beyond the island next to the ICW. I included a chart for detail. Knowing this info, you have an alternative to taking a mooring or more likely, an alternative to doubling up on a mooring with another boat. 

One more sunset at Vero Beach
We plan on leaving around 9:00 am for our Hobe Sound anchorage, a six hour ride. Weather is expected to be calm and it's getting warmer, finally.