Monday, January 16, 2017

Lantana bridge anchorage - at anchor by Old Key Lime House restaurant

Finn's beach at our Hobe Sound anchorage. Lot's of random stuff on the beach to attract a dog. We're usually successful in keeping him away from disaster but he can be pretty quick, faster than us in snatching a tidbit. 
It’s Finn. Today we where moving. I spent most of my time doing work. It was fun… we are going to meet captain Joe at the lime house for dinner. The dog didn’t have a good time he accidentally threw up on THE BOAT!!! We saw more turquoise water. There were so many draw bridges. In fact they where the only bridges we saw. I also did my horn. It’s a trumpet. I picked it because its light and is easy to play. When I saw the case it's ten times bigger than the trumpet. When I saw a tuba player I felt better. That’s all I did BYE!!!    

The Lantana anchorage - another boat joined us later on
Today was the first of the bridge runs, 11 for today and for Tuesday it will total 14 and that's just counting the draw bridges. However, Florida does a great job of timing the openings which varies from every 1/2 hour starting on top of the hour or every 1/2 hour starting 15 minutes past the hour. There is even one bridge that opens every 20 minutes. Once you get in sync, you can usually make all the bridges without waiting if you can maintain 7 kts which we can do. The sole exception is the Flagler Memorial bridge which is under construction and opens only once an hour at 15 past. 

So off we went at 8:45 and we were in our anchorage by 2:30. You can pick the depth you want by how far into the anchorage you go. We chose to get closer to the restaurant and reached 5.2 ft at low tide (we only draw 4 ft 9 in). If you anchor farther out, you can be in 7 MLW. 

We always stop by to see Joe Mastri along the way, a long time friend from the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club
We met Joe Mastri and a buddy from his condo complex for dinner at Old Key Lime House restaurant, Florida's oldest waterside restaurant. They have a free dinghy dock for those coming by boat, very convenient. So we had a great time, trading stories and catching up.

Meanwhile, Hoolie is not feeling well. He upchucked three times today and is not his usual perky self. This has happened in the past when he snatched something off the beach that he shouldn't have. If it doesn't agree with him, it comes back up along with everything else he's had to eat that day. The last time to come up was a round nut of some type, hopefully that's the end of it. We'll see if he's better Tuesday. 


Fred Brillo said...

I see from your SPOT tracker that youve made it all the way down to Ft. Lauderdale... welcome to my home. Im glad the weather is better this year than last. Cant complain about it being too cold or too hot this time.

Bob423 said...

Fred, nice to be warm! If you're around, drop by. We're in the mooring field. Drop me a line at

Fred Brillo said...


Unfortunately, my work will keep me busy all week and you will be gone by the time I can get down to the Las Olas area. Im about 20 minutes west of that area, in Plantation, Florida.

Maybe on the return trip. I may pull the trigger on retirement by then...My wife and I are still discussing the date for that.

Bob423 said...

Fred, work? I used to do that once... don't wait too long. We'll be back up in the spring, maybe then.