Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Key West - Charters anyone?

Want a charter to see sharks? Just $400 for the sunset cruise
Today was ok. I got all my work done in the morning. I did my report on Henry Flagler. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo easy. I did not have to neaten my writing. I also decided I want to make a survival guide space addition. This is the introduction. Space is big in fact it’s so humongously big no one has been to the end of it. We also went to the dog park. Hoolie always gets distracted by other dogs. We saw lots of fish in the water. They looked so cool. That’s all we did today BYE!!!      

Or you could go for 1/2 day of fishing for $200 with others on this boat
Finn seems to have lots of interests, typical of a 10 year old. We do homework in the morning, not his favorite part of the day but he does apply himself. In math it's fractions and decimals, pages and pages of different way of doing them. Ann does the rest of the subjects, I do the math. I think I got the better of the deal. 

In walking around today I noticed prices for charters. We'll never take one for fishing, it's not our thing but the prices are not cheap as shown in the photos. It is obviously not cost effective as to the value of the fish you catch vs the cost. However, I guess it's all in the fun of catching the fish I suppose.

It's still cool as shown by Schooner Wharf still being shuttered up at night, not open air as usual. We are in a warming trend though so on Thursday we plan on a visit to the aquarium and lunch at Garbo's Grill, the best hamburgers in Key West. They competed last year in Miami as one of the top 25 burgers in all of Florida although they didn't win the top prize.