Sunday, January 29, 2017

Key West - A Rainy Day

Just a rainy day, none of the charter boats went out - a lost day of revenue for them
Today was AWESOME. We watched some movies. We watched Crocodile Dundee. It made me jump some because there were some parts I did not expect. We also saw the Jungle Book. It also made me jump. We also took Hoolie on a walk. I even got a chance to walk him. Today it rained a lot. So much that no one was in the cockpit. This morning I had 1 chocolate Danish. It was so good. But the chocolate had a weird taste. A good taste. That’s all BYE!!!                 

Today was donut day but there were no donut shops nearby. However, we did find pastries at a bakery shop down the street so we did have our Sunday special of a sort. The weather did not cooperate today with rain all day long and high winds. Occasionally, you do get bad weather in paradise, in the 60's today. We will have one more day of temperatures in the 60's and then it's back to the 70's according to the Weather Channel with no rain. 

The Island Duo playing at Schooner Wharf
Having a 10 year old on board led to movies in the afternoon since today was not a school day. That changes on Monday when it's back to the books. Math is all fractions and decimals and takes a little thought but Finn's doing fine. The Island Duo is back. They are one of our favorite bands and they play the steel drums, an especially island type of sound. Monday is back to school for Finn and us. 


Anonymous said...

We took our adult kids to Key West yesterday and walked by Fleetwing. Didn't see anyone - you must have been watching movies - or we'd have told you in person how much we enjoy your blog. Have a great stay.

M/Y Travis McGee
currently Plantation Yacht Harbor
Islamorada, Fla. Keys