Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ft Lauderdale - at a mooring after 15 bridges!

One of 15 bridges!
Hi it’s Finn. Today we where underway. Dinner was AWESOME with captain Joe and Mr Tom. We had calamari for an appetizer # AWESOME. For my main course I had a burger # AWESOME AGAIN. For my drink I had a root beer # could have been better. Today we came through 14 DRAW BRIDGES. So it took a llllooooooooooooooooonnnngggg time to get here. Some kids are smart with instruments. In the woodwind area you can just put them in your pocket. My friend told me you don’t haft to bring the kettledrum it just sits on a shelf. I also learned a song called the pelican. That’s all BYE!!!     

We left our anchorage at Lantana, just south of the Lantana bridge, around 8:30 and picked a mooring at 2:15 after 15 bridges. Each of the the 15 bridges had to lift for us but for the most part we didn't have to wait much except for two that were just out of sync for our speed. Otherwise, just do 7 kts and you'll make them. One thing you don't want to do if at all possible is to make the run to Ft Lauderdale on a weekend or holiday. The area is called "The Canyon" due to the bulkheads on both sides that reflect any wave action from passing boats setting up a confused sea. You can bounce all over the place. It's not so bad during the week. 

The mooring field is full now
With temperatures in the high 70's we can't complain. The mooring field by the Las Olas bridge has been reduced to only 7 moorings but during the week it is still possible to get one. There were two free when we arrived but they are now all full. The very high mooring fee is probably a factor at $40 a day. They do have an excellent laundry which we will utilize Wednesday and will also visit the nearest market for some minor provisions. The weather is looking good for an outside run down to Miami on Thursday. We may wind up at Marine Stadium or even go on to Caesar's Creek, depending upon the wind and waves.