Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Titusville - A new harness for Hoolie

So why the one leg??
It’s Finn. Today was FUN… All we did was school work. We did go to the dog park. Throwing the ball for Hoolie was fun. And I did learn a new way to do math. I also did practice my horn. We did go on a walk this morning. That’s all we did BYE!!!

Question of the day, why do flamingos stand on one leg?  In a zoo or in the wild you often see flamingos standing on just one leg with no particular favorite of one leg over the other one. I Googled the question and didn't see a consensus. In reality, nobody knows. Try to Google the question yourself. 

Today was more of a study day with Finn and we did math, all fractions. We spent about an hour at it and Finn paid attention pretty well. Meanwhile, the oil didn't get changed, maybe Wednesday. The diver is also due the same day, I need to have the zinc replaced. It seems to last about 3 to 5 months  before disappearing. 

No pull, not really but it helps some plus it has a loop for dog retrieval 
We made use of the excellent laundry facilities here so we ready to go on Friday. Meanwhile we tested Hoolie's new harness. It has a loop on the back to grab in case he falls into the water again. It is also supposed to be a no-pull harness but I don't think Hoolie read the instructions. There may be a little less pulling but not much. At least we can now lift him out of the water if he repeats his misjudgment again when leaping onto Fleetwing.